Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Ravenscroft Fire Dampers

fire-damper_ravenscroft_bsd-pwRavenscroft Fire Damper has many advantages compared to the tradional fire dampers. Ravenscroft Fire damper combines a balancing damper and fire damper enabling a fast installation of the damper without any special framing. Damper is supplied as a kitset with all necessary fasteners and instructions. Kitset assembly minimises installation error to maximise safety.

Ravenscroft fire damper is available as plasterboard or concreter/masonry versions. Plasterboard Fire Damper comes with insulation to protect the plasteboard wall from fire. This insulation is encapsulated in steel and therefore is protected from damage. All Ravenscroft Fire Dampers can be adjusted the wall damper ravenscroft bsd blf

Fire Dampers are rated up to 2 hours. Fuse release is external therefore damper is easily activated and reset during building maintenance check. An inspection hatch is not required to either check damper operation or check the fuse. If the fuse is activated by heat then it can be reset up to 4 times without replacement.

These Fire Dampers can also be fitted with a Belimo BLF-T Spring-return actuator, combined with thermo-electric tripping device.

See how easy and quick it is to install a Ravenscroft Fire Damper!

See how easy and quick it is to install a Ravenscroft Fire Damper compared to the conventional fire damper!

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