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This Halton Indoor movie showcases their chilled beam and displacement products, many of them custom-made, and how they blend into the architectural design.


Reference: Main Library at University of Manchester

Halton passive chilled beams and low velocity displacement diffusers were used in University of Manchester's new Main Library to create an energy efficient and pleasant studying and working atmosphere.

Halton Multiservice Passive Beams, complete with built-in lighting that have Prismatic lens diffusers, is used in the interior of the building. Additionally, also non-beam lightning was used to create the required 350Lux light level.

Primary air is introduced via black painted Halton AFE type face plate Low Velocity Displacement Diffusers (nominal size 500 x 600, each supplying approximately 60l/s) around the perimeter.

There are radiator panels installed between the LVDV diffusers, which are behind the decorative facade in front of the LVDV units for the colder months. The radiators are designed to protect the fabric of the building and for start up for the areas that are not operating 24hrs.

Halton the Kiwi

halton-the-kiwiHalton is a Great Spotted Kiwi, the largest breed of these nocturnal and flightless birds only found in New Zealand. The chick can be expected to grow to be 45-50 cm tall and weigh up to 3 kg. Great Spotted Kiwis are found only on New Zealand's South Island, and their numbers are declining due to stoats, rats etc. killing many young Kiwis. It is estimated that 95 % of Kiwis born in the wild are killed in their first year. This makes all breeds of Kiwi highly endangered.

Halton (or the egg) was collected by the Department of Conservation in the Hawdon Valley, 2 hours away from Christchurch. When the chick is old enough, it will be returned back to the region.

Halton, whose parents are Bonny and Clyde, hatched at the New Zealand Conservation Trust's Kiwi incubation facility, housed at the Willowbank Wildlife Reserve, in Christchurch. Halton hatched on February 24th, and has been growing well.

In late March Halton joined other juvenile Kiwis in a special predator free area. After reaching the weight of 1 kg, Halton will be big enough and strong enough to fight off predators. He will then be transported to the land of his/her parents deep in the New Zealand bush.

Whether Halton is a girl or a boy, remains a mystery for a bit longer as female and male kiwis are indistinguishable. When the bird is older, a DNA test will be done to determine its sex.

The NZCT is very grateful to Halton Oy for its continuing support in Kiwi conservation. Halton Oy makes a yearly donation to the trust enabling the incubation facility's continued operation and saving another generation of kiwis.

More about the NZCT at

Halton announces updated CSW beam

csw-halton_ravenscroft_updatedThe Halton CSW family of chilled beams based on swirl jet air supply has expanded. The latest solution in this range enables automatic adjustment of the supply air flow as necessary to ensure energy-efficient air conditioning and draught-free conditions. The product is also suitable for exhaust applications, enabling a uniform appearance for all terminals installed within a given room.

Chilled beams usually distribute air in two or, at maximum, four directions. Operation with the Halton CSW active chilled beam is based on a swirl jet air supply that distributes air to the room space by utilising a swirling flow action, guaranteeing a comfortable and draught-free indoor climate.

The Halton CSW introduces a new feature: automatic adjustment of supply air flow on the basis of the room air temperature or CO2 content, for a substantial increase in energy-efficiency. This new feature makes it easier to implement demand-based air conditioning either in the construction stage or in a finished building without the need to change the product.

csw-halton_ravenscroft_updated2Demand-based control of air conditioning improves the building's energy-efficiency. Efficient mixing ventilation ensures a comfortable indoor climate, no matter the season. The Halton CSW product family is an ideal indoor climate solution for various kinds of buildings.

The range features supply and exhaust units for both variable- and constant-air-flow solutions. All product variants have uniform appearance, contributing to the aesthetic quality of office spaces.


Fire Damper Installation Comparison

Ravenscroft is happy to premier the Fire Damper Installation Comparison video.

Just click and how easy and quick it is to install a Ravenscroft Fire Damper compared to the conventional fire damper!

Extended Manufacturing and Licensing Agreement with Halton

halton ravenscroft logo

Ravenscroft is excited to announce that Halton has granted Malcolm Ravenscroft Ltd extended rights under their licence to manufacture agreement for a wider range of Halton products for Indoors Environment applications from 1st January 2011.

Malcolm Ravenscroft Ltd. has also been granted the distribution rights for Halton Indoors products not only in New Zealand, but Australia, Indonesia and South Pacific islands south of the equator.

Ravenscroft is excited about the opportunity to manufacture Halton products locally under licence, which is further affirmation of the close relationship between the two companies. This agreement will give unparallel service to Halton and Ravenscroft's customers is Australasia, and offer added flexibility and faster delivery times with goods produced in the Southern Hemisphere. An added benefit is the reduced carbon footprint with products no longer transported from Europe

Read the full press release ...

Newsletter July 2011

newsletter-picture-july2011The latest edition of Ravenscroft newsletter is now out. This issue focuses on low velocity displacement ventilation solutions and on Halton kitchen ventilation. Featured in the newsletter are among others are:
  • displacement ventilation in the Supreme Court
  • advantages of displacement ventilation in classrooms
  • retro fitting a multi storey building with a new commerical kitchen (Goodman-Fielder test kitchen)
  • Halton kitchen ventilation units in Eden Park

Read the Newsletter ...

Stock Clearance Sale

This winter Ravenscroft is having Stock Clearance Sale of various Heating and Ventilating products with 30 to 70 percent off selected items. All goods are new and unused.

Included in this one off stock sale are: Damper motors, Thermostats, Fishbach speed controllers, Halton diffusers, Fans, Slant/Fin convectors, Flexallen pipes and fittings, Diesel/Gas Boilers, Plenum Boxes/Diffusers and much more!

Please see the our Stock Sale Brochure for details and prices.

IRHACE Conference in Rotorua, Part II


Ravenscrfot took part in the annual IRCHAE conference in May. It was held this year in Rotorua after February 22nd earthquake made it impossible to hold it Christchurch as planned. irchase-award-malcolm

Ravenscroft was represented by a number of staff, but Zoe Smith (right) and Gareth Ehrlich holding the fort at the booth. Special to the visitors were Halton displacement ventilation products, the brand new Halton CSW chilled beam as well as the Ravenscroft motorised fire damper.

Ravenscroft was also happy to premier the fire damper comparison video, which demonstrates how easy and quick it is to install one of the Ravenscroft fire dampers.

As usual there was also plenty of evening program at the conference, and Ravenscroft is happy to report that during the Saturday night's awards dinner, the Board Chairman Malcolm Ravenscroft was honoured and he recieved a IRHACE Fellowship.

IRHACE Conference in Rotorua

irhace logoThe annual IRHACE conference will be held this year in Rotorua on May 19th- 22nd with the theme about energy efficiency and compliance. Ravenscroft will be taking part again this year, and will have one of the trade exhibitors with our own booth.

Representing Ravenscroft at the conference are Malcolm Ravenscroft (Board Chairman), Stuart Ravenscroft (CEO), Zoe Smith (Design & Technical Support Engineer) and Gareth Ehrlich (Sales & Design Engineer).

The conference will feature over thirty Trade exhibitors, The Wallie Askew Apprentice Refrigeration & Air conditioning Work skills competition, and Friday Technical presentations followed by informal social event and on Saturday by IRHACE AGM, Forum and a Technical Tour concluding that night with a formal dinner and awards evening.

Read more about the IRHACE conference

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