Congratulations to Halton - 50 Years in 2019!
Ravenscroft congratulates Halton on its 50 years of success; from a small family business to a world-leading innovator in safe and healthy indoor air. Paljon onnea (Finnish for 'congratulations')!
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Halton Misting Kitchen Hoods
The Cold Mist On Demand technology (MOD) neutralizes the potential sparks and remove the grease from the exhausted air.
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Halton Skyline
Bring out the true colour of food with Halton Skyline - the first LED based Culinary and Human Centric light with an amazing set of benefits!
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Ravenscroft Smoke Dampers
Ravenscroft fire dampers function as an electrical reset smoke damper when fitted with a specially designed Belimo motor.
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  • Congratulations to Halton - 50 Years in 2019!
  • Halton Misting Kitchen Hoods
  • Halton Skyline
  • Ravenscroft Smoke Dampers

ravenscroft logoHealthier Air - Energy Saving

Ravenscroft specialises in providing innovative and energy efficient engineering solutions for the heating and ventilating sector. Our customised engineering solutions yield high quality indoor air while reducing HVAC operating costs.  

Installation Instructions


Ravenscroft Fire Damper for Plasterboard Walls



Ravenscroft Fire Damper for Concrete/Masonry



Halton FDV



Halton FDR


See how easy and quick it is to install a Ravenscroft Fire Damper compared to the conventional fire damper!


displacement ventialtion halton ravenscroft belgian schoolSeveral international studies have found that indoor air quality in schools remains poor. This causes an increase in symptoms and illness, shortens attention span, while good air quality can enhance children’s concentration and also teachers’ productivity. The most common indoor climate problems are inadequate ventilation and thermal comfort.

In a recent article on indoor air quality in classrooms Panu Mustakallio and Risto Kosonen compared different air distribution methods and their effects on air quality in the classroom using a fullscale laboratory test to measure their performance. 

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